Children Books

What is it that is most appealing to children? Is it simply their physical beauty? Is it their openness to loving and being loved? Their playfulness, their innate humour? Beyond these things, in my view, children are beautiful because they possess something that we have all lost – the quality of innocence. ~ Tim Lott


Frankie Goes Home /
Frankie Gaan Huis Toe

A beautiful children’s book (in English / Afrikaans) which uses adventure-filled storylines to teach children basic good values to use in their lives. Frankie and his friends are at sea and home has never seemed so far away. They face one disaster after another with only Frankie’s faith to guide them through. With the help of the Ten Commandments, Frankie teaches his friends that God’s love will always be there if only they can open themselves up to Him.


The Lost Fat Bird

There’s no place like home. We all have somewhere we belong and we should be happy with what we have. This is what this little bird had to find out when he flew away from home. He got confronted by other wild birds, which was very scary until one kind finch came to his rescue …

Where Did The Bunnies Go?

A lovely book about the one and only Lola, a ginger bunny who lives with her family in Bunnyland. Nestled among the trees, hills and grass, just north of the pond, lies Bunnyville. This is where Lola was born. She was the middle bunny until her little sister came along ...

The Day My Shadow Died

Sally Cooper, a young girl who fights her parents’ demons during a messy divorce, finds escape in Gussy, her imaginary friend. Gussy guides Sally through the difficult times, but he is more than just an imaginary friend ... This is a book to help all children survive divorce, among other things ensuring that their relationship with both parents remains strong.

Forbidden Lake

An adventure tale that will make you think twice before jumping into unknown waters … Imagine going for a swim in the lake after school with your friends. When you surface from under the water you see a completely different world. The trees are not the same. The place where you jumped into the water with your friends is not the same. The forest on the other side of the lake seems to be alive...